Friday, August 21, 2009

Busy Week, (TGIF)

It is hard to believe that this week is over (already awake on last weekday, so this one doesn't count anymore). The boys are finishing their second week of school today and both are really enjoying it and seem to be fitting in well to the new year.

It has been a busy week from the beginning. After visiting the church close to us for five weeks we officially joined it this Sunday. We would have preferred to just write a little note, sign a roster, etc., but that is not how it is done so we went up front and filled out the card and were welcomed in front of the congregation. We are really enjoying being there, and really like that it is 2 miles from our house. We have really wanted to be a part of a local church where we see the members in our neighborhood and local events and the boys grow up with friends in the church. When we got home Kristina told me that we are now officially Baptists. I told her no, we were now members in a Baptist church (growing up as I did still affects my thinking). It is funny how my perception changed over the years and as we moved and became members in churches other than my childhood denomination. We are looking forward to growing closer to the friends we are making at chuch and to helping the boys develop friendships there as well.

Beyond that, we are just going through the week hoping for a somewhat relaxing weekend. I have to do a couple fixes outside and mow if the ground dries up enough. For those that don't read this blog just for the articles we will try to add some pics to our weekend posts.

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