Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our relaxing Sunday

We worked hard yesterday getting a lot of projects done so that we could relax between church services today. Above is the result of our "relaxing". These are the two trees that I cut down last week. They are now stacked neatly, ready for use in either the fireplace or our smoker and most importantly, out of the middle of the back yard. The branches are all on the burn pile drying a little more in preparation for the inevitable Saturday fire that will consume them. I had the boys pose both for perspective on the size of some of the logs, the amount that was stacked, and in appreciation for their help (not pictured but much more help than she wanted is my lovely wife). The boys love getting their picture taken, especially when I tell them it will be on the blog.

After finishing the stacking Kristina and I were walking back to the house and both thought at the same time that we needed to jump in the pool. That is the great part about having a pool in your backyard, if you want to take a spontaneous swim fully clothed you have that luxury. Of course the boys ran to join, loving the craziness of swimming with your normal clothes on.

Now we are relaxing while waiting to go back to church for the special service tonight. Team Impact is here at our church nightly from tonight through Wednesday. While in town they will also be visiting several schools. In high school they (or another group like them) came to do their thing when a local congregation hosted them, but of course I didn't go to the church to hear their whole story. One of them gave the morning lesson at church today and it was a good service. They are known for breaking bats, concrete blocks, bending frying pans, and ripping phone books, but they are upfront about the fact that their only purpose in all of that is to bring people into church that would not be receptive to conventional outreach.

Now we are going to finish resting in preparation of going to see really strong guys break stuff in the name of God.

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