Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good friends, who could ask for more

Happy Anniversary to Dan and Laura. In honor of their one year anniversary, they spent the day with us. It was either spend the day with us or go back to Jamaica where they spent their honeymoon. Of course, they chose to spend the day with us. Okay, so Jamaica was the original plan, but we were the ultimate winner. We enjoyed a day of swimming, feasting, and rock band. Laura is quite the singer. I already knew this since she sings to me almost daily at work. After Laura wowed us with her mad skills, they were treated to the spectacle of me attempting to sing. Lets just say that rhythm is not my friend. Laura did manage to video most of my performance, meaning I will have to be extra nice to her at work. It isn't necessarily something I would want most of my coworkers to witness. Aside from my lack of rhythm and tone, we had been in the pool so I wasn't exactly photo ready. My lack of skills notwithstanding, we had a great day. Every weekend should be filled with friends and fun. Who could ask for more.

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