Friday, August 7, 2009

What to do

John was busy vacuuming the pool, and I was admiring his work. As we discussed the events of the day, this little critter wandered up to the fence and stared at us. I walked over to the fence thinking it would run away, but it just started meowing at me. Of course, I was stirred with compassion, but I had to contain my need to bring it in and start nursing it to health. John is not a big fan of strays. Within a few minutes both the kids were outside wanting to play with the kitty. John told them to stay away because it might have a disease. I watched it wander all along the perimeter of the fence begging for attention. The kids were both very concerned. They offered to use their allowance to take it to the vet. Joshua said that he would buy the next bag of cat food if we could just feed it something. I tried to stay out of it. Finally, after Joshua begged once again to feed it, John asked what I thought. I jumped at the opportunity to rally support for Joshua's plan, and suggested putting food and water outside the fence. I think it is good for the kids to be compassionate. So we fed and watered the poor thing. It wouldn't eat anything, but it drank for a long time. Then it threw up, and drank some more. I am hoping it gets better. It was looking pretty fragile tonight. I realize I can't save every stray that wanders on over. I am also well aware that I cannot let it in the house. For one thing Oscar would probably trample it and Socks would hunt it down to hurt it. She isn't very nice. Also, I know I have to protect my kids and pets from the dangers that lurk about. That being said, it was hard to leave it outside to fend for itself. Lucky for me it isn't hard for John. Hopefully, it makes it through the night and finds its way back to its home. I don't know how long I can keep from playing the rescuer.

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