Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Saturday in Pictures

Here we see that it is Saturday by the fire in the background. Our friend
Jenny came by a couple of Saturdays ago and said she wasn't sure if she was at the right house because she didn't see smoke. You can see that our grass is starting to come in around the pool.

The two trees at the center of the pic have lived about as long as they are going to. They have no branches on the right side, most likely because they are growing towards the sun. They will be brought down soon (maybe today) before we get the fence finished and give them a chance to hit it.

Just another shot of the wall and the grass progress.

Lawn all mowed and edged.

Two more small fires, trying to get rid of stumps from trees I cut last year. Eventually I am going to have to pay a stump gringer to come in, but I have a few more to cut before them.

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