Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday already

This week has passed in a blur, actually the past month has been a blur. The kids are into the school routine, and I am adjusting to the homework routine. I have to remember to sign both their planners and check all their homework. They have only been in school three weeks, and I have already missed signing Jacob's reading log once. It probably won't be the last time I miss something.
Tonight I am cooking for work. We are having a pot luck tomorrow since one of my colleagues is transferring. He is leaving us to go to New Jersey. I spent most of my day today preparing for the going away festivities. It is sad to see him transfer, but I know he will do well in his new position. Until his replacement joins us, things will be a bit hectic, but we are up for the challenge. I guess that is all I got. Have a great weekend.

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