Thursday, August 6, 2009

Count down to school

Tonight was meet the teacher night at Jacob's school. It has been on my calendar since the end of May. I love it when someone makes an effort to keep parents informed. Joshua's school is right next door and they had meet the teacher night on the same night last year. Not this year. They had meet the teacher night on Tuesday. Did they send anything home to let us know it would be different this year? No. I am a little annoyed with the lack of communication. I found out on Wednesday that I had failed that mommy test, you know the one where you know whats going on. John and I met for lunch and he informed me that a lady he works with had gone to open house the night before. He asked how she knew about it and she said that her husband happened to pass the school and saw it on the marque. Now I know, in order to stay informed I must drive way out of my way so I can read the marque. I had routinely checked the school web site all summer to no avail. Up until late July it still had information from May. I guess I quit checking too soon, because the web site was updated this week. I am sure it will all work out okay. Joshua doesn't seem too traumatized that he hasn't met his teacher yet. When school starts on Monday it probably won't matter. I just hate feeling like I messed up. I don't handle failure well.
Enough about my screw up. Jacob's teacher seems nice, and there are two boys from his baseball team in his class. John and I are both starting to feel like we belong in this small town. We saw lots of people we knew at the school. As we were leaving John remarked that it was nice to see familiar faces. When we went to open house last year, we didn't know a soul. Tonight we saw lots of parents from the kids baseball teams, and John works with a guy who has a kid in Jacob's class. Our world is starting to feel a little smaller and less intimidating. That is a great thing.

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