Monday, August 31, 2009

Great end to the weekend

As mentioned before, we went to church to see Team Impact last night.
Tonight was more special than we ever imagined because tonight Jacob said that he was giving his life to Christ and prayed for Jesus to come into his life. This is our son that put on his Christmas list at school last year that all he wanted was to give his life to Christ. He always has a way of showing Jesus to everyone he meets.
They did the easy stuff like breaking wooden bats and twisting steel rods, then moved onto breaking an aluminum bat.
The boys bought souvenier bats for Team Impact to autograpgh and when Jacob went to have them sign his they gave him the aluminum bat they broke. They autographed it and wrote John 8:32 on it for him.

Finished the night having pizza with our friends from church. A great way to end the day.


Daniella said...

did they come to DHS sometime?

Kristina said...

John said they did. They are based out of Coppell, so it would make sense. While they were here they went to five schools.