Monday, August 10, 2009

Here we go again

The first day of school finally arrived. Can you see the excitement on their faces?
From all accounts it was a success. As soon as we got in the car at daycare, Jacob announced that he had a great day at school. His class got ten marbles in the jar and when the jar is full, they are going to party. There are four boys from his baseball team in his class, and a few kids from his class last year. He thinks second grade is going to be awesome.
Joshua had a good day as well, but he is more reserved. One of the boys from his baseball team is in his class as well as a couple of kids that were in his class last year. He said they had a busy day doing lots of paperwork. So far he thinks fourth grade is going to be pretty easy.


Julie said...

Wow, school starts early for you guys! My kids don't start until September!!!

Kristina said...

They do start early here, but they get out the Friday before Memorial day. I guess it is a trade off.