Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boys and their Toys

John got an iPhone. That is about the biggest excitement in our world tonight. John's work decided they are no longer going to have company phones. However, if your position requires a phone they want you to get a phone and they will provide a set monthly reimbursement. I guess he could have just gotten a plain phone like he had, but this seemed like a good excuse to upgrade. He already has it set up so he gets all his work email automatically. I don't know if that is a good thing, but he is having lots of fun playing with his new gadget. All I got out of the deal was a new Sim card. We decided that since we are planning to live in Mississippi from here on out, I need to have a local phone number. Good bye to my Ohio number. I guess after almost a year in Mississippi it was time. I kept my Texas number for just over a year after we moved to Ohio. Within six months of getting a local number we were moving again. I hope history doesn't repeat itself.
The boys are having a good evening. We didn't do much for 80's day at school. Joshua just wore a pastel shirt and turned his collar up. He was pretty cute.When I got home today I discovered this mess in the floor of the study. Luckily, I always unplug the shredder after I use it. The cat is easily amused and she loves to turn over trash cans. I am just surprised she didn't string the paper all over the house.

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