Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Recap

Wow. Where has the past week gone. It seems like I blinked and we went from Wednesday to Sunday. Anyway, it is hard to believe we have to start a new week in the morning. We have had a wonderful weekend.
Yesterday morning we slept in a little. I think I am getting old since getting up just before eight is sleeping in. Anyway, I spent the morning enjoying my coffee and reading the paper. John spent the morning cutting down trees. We have very different opinions about what Saturday morning are for.

After the morning fun we headed to the Clarion Ledger to learn how the daily paper is made. Jacob did a great job of listening. He really enjoyed getting to do something with his cub scout friends. I think the parents were more interested in the tour than most of the kids.

When the tour was over, we went and had lunch and then headed home to get ready for our next adventure. We went to the Mississippi Agriculture Museum for a Halloween Carnival. We walked through the haunted houses and went on the hay ride. We also went to a magic show. The boys enjoyed getting to wear their costumes. We only stayed about two hours. Since I absolutely hate crowds, that is pretty good for us.

Today was pretty busy as well. We went to church, had lunch, and then came home to start our many projects. While I went to the grocery store, John started a fire and split the wood from the tree that he cut down yesterday.

After I got home from the store, we covered the pool. It is kind of depressing all covered, but it was time. We haven't swam in over a month, and I am hoping not running the pool pump will help our electric bill. I had to post the pictures of the dunnage pillows we used to keep the tarp from sagging into the water. We are a bit redneck at times. The pillows are used to keep things from shifting while they are transported. Since John works for a transportation company we got them for free. They just throw them away at work, so John had them save some. We are all about free stuff. In addition to the free pillows, we used the logs from the tree John cut down yesterday to weight the tarp around the edges. It works and we saved a ton of money. We thought about actually buying a pool cover this year, but since they start at around $800, we decided the tarp would work great for at least another year.The fire burned down really well today. It was a perfect fire for roasting hot dogs for dinner. We followed it up by roasting marshmallows and having smores. It was a nice end to the day. The fire was so pretty as the sun went down. It made me wish that we could stay out and enjoy it for a while. Unfortunately, we all have to return to work and school tomorrow. The kids need to be in bed before eight and I need make sure we are ready to start another week. There is always next weekend.

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