Sunday, October 12, 2008

They're Sweet while they Sleep

Last night we had the pleasure of traveling to Yazoo City for a church dinner. It is a little over an hour drive from our house. Our friends June and Larry picked us up so we could all make the trek together. The boys were a little tuckered out from our camping the night before. They enjoyed a little nap on the way.
The dinner was wonderful. Mr. Albert and his wife Mrs. Francis were the chefs. They served up some delicious fried fish. Mrs. Rosa led a time of devotion. Our hosts were Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Eloise. The dinner was to show appreciation for those who serve in the area of Christian education.
Today after church we had a quick lunch and then parted ways for the afternoon. John had work to do, and I had a ladies group to attend. My boys went and stayed with their newest babysitter, Ms. Chelsea. They had fun playing at the park and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with some dear friends. It has been a good weekend, but I am tired.
Luckily, I am off work tomorrow for Columbus Day. The kids have school so I will still have to get up and moving early. The kids will be out of school on Wednesday this week for a staff development day. That means I will be off work on Wednesday too. This will be an odd week.

Joshua is selling chocolate bars and chocolate covered almonds for a school fundraiser. He brought home 50. Last night June and Larry bought 2, so all we had left was 48. Joshua took 13 to church this morning and sold out pretty quickly. Of course, June and Larry bought 5 more. He has them wrapped around his little finger.

I know I have mentioned June and Larry several times, so I should probably give a little of our history. Last year on the first Sunday in December we attended church at the Madison First Church of God. The church has since completed construction on a new building and changed names. It is now Olde Towne Community Church and is in Ridgeland, MS. We were searching for a church home since we had just moved to the area. It was the second church we had visited. June and Larry took us out to lunch after church. Their son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren joined us. That night June and her daughter-in-law, Dana, invited me to a ladies group at church. From that moment on she has been a dear friend. She and Larry treat my kids like their own grand kids and they treat John and I like their kids. They live about 2 miles from us and we try to get together pretty often. She keeps telling John and I we need to leave our kids overnight with her on some Friday, but we haven't taken her up on it yet. Her youngest granddaughter, who is six, spends the night with them often on the weekends. We are thinking we may have to take her up on the offer soon.

It is such a blessing to have friends you can depend on. Since this journey has taken us so far from family, I am so thankful God has placed such dear friends in our lives.

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