Thursday, October 2, 2008

Getting There

We are slowly making progress on the front flower beds. Hopefully tonight they will have flowers in them. John went and priced edging for the flower bed. We then decided we couldn't afford to do edging and flowers, so John came up with a new plan. We had a stack of old bricks behind the house that he just lined up and made work. I think it looks awesome. The fact that it didn't cost us anything makes it even better.

In addition to the front flower beds, we decided to knock down the brick planter boxes around the dining room windows. They just didn't make sense since using them would mean having dirt against the siding. I think I will just get some large planters to set there instead.

After we knocked down the planter boxes, I backed the truck up to the porch so we could load up the bricks. Oscar road with me, and then he wouldn't get out of the truck. He loves getting to go.

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