Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Spirit Day

It's Friday. That means it is spirit day at the kids schools. They get to wear their school shirts to show their support for the Florence Eagles. I tried to get a picture of the front of the house, but it has too many shadows right now. I took these from the driveway as I was pulling up. I am just glad we have something in the flower beds. I do love the look of all the trees in the background. Have I mentioned that I love trees?
I went to the Scout shop on my way home today and picked up the kids uniforms and books. Now I just have to get the patches sewn on and they can be cub scouts. Hopefully, I will get that done before their meeting on Tuesday. After the kids get home we have to take the cat to the vet. We will have one more visit at the end of this month and then hopefully she won't have to go back for a while. Oscar is due for all his shots next month. After that someone else can keep the vet in business for a while.

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