Saturday, October 4, 2008

The story of the Smoker

Earlier this year my dear husband purchased an old propane tank on ebay. I was not sure why we were spending money on such a thing, but I was assured it was a good plan. John drew up plans for how he wanted a smoker built and with help from talented friends and coworkers our smoker was born. It was a good choice. We have definitely gotten lots of use out of it.
The boys got to help paint it. The plans were good and it works well. The two smoke stacks were an accident, but it all turned out OK. It was only supposed to have the one on the left if you are looking at it from the front. The other one has come in handy though because it allows you to let out heat faster when it is burning too hot. I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about using a smoker.

Today, we are smoking some briskets for our Sunday school party tonight. John is at work for a meeting and won't be home until after lunch. He got the smoker going at two this morning, and now it is my job to keep it stable. I went out at about 7 and the temperature was up to 275. That is way too hot. I closed the piggy tail and opened the top vents. It is now holding steady around 215. In just a few minutes I have to go wrap the briskets in foil. I am not sure I wanted to be in charge of the smoker, but I guess it never hurts to learn something new.

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