Thursday, October 16, 2008

Country Life

This silly squirrel spent all night on my front porch. I went out the front door this morning to give it some water. That was all it took to scare it away. Hopefully, it found a tree to climb instead of the bricks on the front of the house.Joshua found a turtle shell on his adventures yesterday. He is pretty proud of it, and he plans to take it to school to share with his Venture class tomorrow.Last night I told Joshua to go outside and tell his brother to come in and get cleaned up for dinner. Next thing I know I am looking out the window to see Joshua running through the sprinklers. Just for the record, the only sprinklers in our yard are part of the septic system. Needless to say, he had to have a shower before dinner. The picture is post shower. I am not sure how he translated get cleaned up for dinner into run through the septic system sprinkler.

Our world is getting back to normal today. John has been in South Carolina since Sunday. He came home for a minute this afternoon to drop off his bag. He then went to work for a little while, but he should be home for dinner. I am glad he doesn't travel often.

The boys brought home their first nine weeks report cards today so I have to brag a little. They are both doing really well. The grading system seems odd to me. 95-100 is an A, 85-94 is a B and so on. Joshua got all A's. This is the first year he has gotten actual number grades. Always before it has been either an N for needs improvement, S for satisfactory, or E for excellent. Jacob's report card has letters and two number grades. The letters are all S and he got one A and one B on the graded part. His one B is a 94 so I think he is doing great. We are at that critical time right now of learning to read and write. He is getting there.

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