Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkins and friends

Our friend Jessica came over for dinner last night. She brought the boys some pumpkins. Can you tell they are excited to get them. They have been asking for pumpkins for weeks, and I keep telling them we are going to wait until closer to Halloween. We are still going to wait until a little closer to Halloween to carve them. They have already chosen the designs they want to carve.
Today, I only worked about 3 hours. I came home and got the laundry started. I need to make out a grocery list and get the shopping done. I don't know what the weekend has in store. It has been raining off and on today. If that continues we may just have a boring weekend in the house. There is a circus in town this weekend, but we haven't decided for sure if we need to go. John mentioned going hiking. I am sure the weather will be the deciding factor on that plan.
John took Joshua's fundraiser candy to work today. When I talked to him a little while ago he had already sold 21. He works with some great people. Joshua will be so excited when he gets home.
I guess that is all I need to ramble about for now. Have a good weekend.

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