Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Making Progress

We are slowly making progress on the front flower beds. Our friends, June and Larry, loaned us their tiller to get the beds broken up. John also power washed the bricks that were covered in algae.
I was hoping it would make a more dramatic difference, but it does look better. It is coming along. We probably won't get much done tonight since we have cub scouts, but hopefully we can get more done tomorrow night. I would like to at least have a few mums planted before Saturday. We are having a party for our Sunday school class on Saturday. John will have a busy day then. He will have to get up early to get the briskets on the smoker and then he has a meeting at work that morning that will take up several hours. We hope to have most of the yard work done before Saturday so we aren't in a mad rush to get everything done before five that afternoon.
I had to include this picture of a lizard skeleton that was in our fire place. We have started pricing doors for the fire place so we can get rid of the ugly cover that is on it. It has been shut off for about 20 years. The gas starter was disconnected years ago. I don't think we are going to reconnect it. We will just have a wood burning fireplace. Anyway, hopefully we can fit that into the budget before too long. All these little expenses are adding up fast.


jessica mohr said...

that is too cute to see Oscar watching John through the window...

House of Oscar said...

Oscar would have liked to have been outside, but he tends to go explore if we aren't watching close. He and Socks knocked the front screen out today, so I am going to have to watch them close when the windows are up.