Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bacon (coronary) Explosion

Okay, this is my first time to post on our blog, but Kristina told me it was my turn. Actually she has been telling me that for quite some time, but I guess I finally have something that I feel is best described by me.

If you have have been looking at any media this week you have seen the over the top barbecue concoction dubbed the "Bacon Explosion". Even Leno mentioned it last night. As I consider myself to be a barbecue connoisseur, the fact that I got a clean bill of health from my cardiologist, and the fact that a recipe consisting of four pounds of pork is right up my alley, I decided to give it a try.

It is basically a mat woven of thick sliced bacon with bbq rub put on it. Then you take four pounds of ground Italian sausage and form it in a square the same size. Next fry up another pound of bacon and crumble it on the sausage. Drizzle your favorite bbq sauce lightly on the bacon (Sweet Baby Ray's is the best in my book) and roll the sausage into a roll around the cooked bacon.
Next you take the roll and roll it up in the bacon mat and place it in the smoker for 2 1/2 hours. Glaze it with your sauce about 20 minutes before you pull it off to serve it. We had it sliced in Grands biscuits, and the boys and I loved it. Kristina tolerated it, but she is not a big Italian sausage person. Luckily she does well putting up with my fondness for outdoor cooking.

Well, that is the story of our Bacon Explosion adventure. I am leaving the smoker burning and will get up around 4:00am to put on eighty pounds of Boston butts for pulled pork for my work party tomorrow afternoon. I am not staying to watch the game there but somehow got volunteered to cook. We are hosting the youth group from church tomorrow so we have both big screens ready and added HD service with a DVR to be sure we don't miss anything.

This is the end of my rambling. Maybe next time I can post something without waiting to be inspired by what comes off of my smoker.

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Julie said...

Wow, I could feel my arteries clogging as I read that.

Although it DOES sound delish!!

Sweet Baby Ray's is the BOMB, by the way - the only BBQ sauce that enters our home. LOL