Saturday, January 10, 2009

Return to real life

Now that the holidays are over we are returning to our regularly scheduled life. Since we have a very old and very dated house there are always projects. The plan for this weekend was pretty simple. We were going to put a vent in our bath and change out the thermostat in the hall. The vent plan is on hold for the moment due to weather. That particular project requires standing on a ladder outside and cutting a hole into the attic at the end of the house. That just seems like a bad plan while it is raining. On to installing the thermostat. Like most simple tasks around our house it turned into a much bigger project. We decided that it didn't make sense to install the new thermostat if it will just have to come down later so we can remove the wallpaper and texture the walls. Therefore, we decided to rip out the wallpaper and panelling today. I have to say that lovely wallpaper from 1978 has put up a valiant fight. Most of it is down, but there are still little strips that are refusing to vacate the wall. I think we are done messing with it for tonight. Tomorrow, John will patch a few places on the walls and hopefully get the first coat of joint compound on the walls. We are planning to paint all the trim and doors white before finishing the walls. In addition we will replace all the door hardware. This project will probably consume the next couple of weeks. On the bright side, it is a fairly inexpensive job. At least it is so far.


Julie said...

We have some of those kinds of projects at our house, too. The worst one we've run in to so far was when we decided to do a "little" bathroom turned into tearing the entire bathroom down to the studs and re-drywalling it.

I hope your project goes a little faster (and smoother) than ours has.

By the way, I really like your floors - are they real wood?

John said...

They are real. They are very old parquet. Unfortunately they have not been cared for as they should have been so all but what is in our dining area will be replaced with porcelin tile to match our kitchen.