Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little things, big problems

Who would have thought that a single switch could cause such big problems. John spent many hours in the attic yesterday trying to isolate our electrical problem. He found two places where the squirrels had been chewing on the wires and repaired them. He replaced the lights in both the kids closets since the wiring on the old lights crumbled in his hands when he took the lights down. He also had to replace some of the wiring going from Jacob's closet light into the attic. After all was said and done there was still no power to the hall bath and Jacob's room. John was getting very frustrated so he decided to take a break and sleep on it. This morning before church he was up looking at things anew and drawing diagrams of our wiring. He concluded that the switch at the end of the hall could be the culprit. He hadn't looked at it sooner because the hall light still had power. Luckily, we had a three way switch in the garage so he changed out the switch just to see if it was the problem. I would like to go on record as saying that my husband is a genius. Once the switch was replaced all the power was restored.
On to more fun topics. After church we came home and had lunch. After lunch we celebrated Jacob's birthday. It is amazing to me that my baby will be seven years old tomorrow. Where does the time go? He got a Cranium Cadoo game from Memaw and Pepaw. John told him he can't play it until tomorrow since it is for ages 7 plus. Thanks Memaw and Pepaw.
He also got some Bakugans, fake teeth, Jenga, and a whoopie cushion. So far the whoopie cushion seems to be his favorite. It is amazing how much fun a $1 toy can be.


Julie said...

Ah, the joys of home improvement!! We've run into some interesting things in our house as well.

Glad your husband was able to figure out the electrical issue. I always pray a little harder when my hubby deals with electricity, too.

Kristina said...

I am very thankful John is able to fix things like this. He said he would have been really mad if we had hired an electrician to change out a switch. Anyway, he learned some valuable information regarding the wiring on our house. Apparently, it is not wired the way he would prefer, but then again things were probably done differently in 1978. Even though it took him longer than he would have liked to find and repair the problem, he found several other things along the way that desperately needed fixed. It was a good thing. Even with the bumps along the way we are enjoying the journey.