Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Progress

John put our new thermostat on the wall Saturday. Yes, I know we still have to texture and paint, but we had to have the thermostat up since it is below freezing this week. The new thermostat looks much better than the old one. I am hoping it works better as well.
The second Sunday of the month is when my ladies prayer group meets. That means that I got to spend several hours away from home yesterday enjoying time with friends. On my way home I had to run by Lowe's and pick up a new light fixture for the bathroom. When John got ready to wire the new vent he realized that the wires on the light were not so good. As you can see they look a little scary.

Yeah, we now have a new light in our bathroom and a vent over the shower. Disregard the cool wallpaper. It will be gone soon.

I had to go outside and watch the cool vent open up on the side of the house. John did a great job. I am really glad he knows how to do all these fun projects. I am even happier that I don't have to do them. I am a little nervous about getting in the attic. It is small and dark, and I don't do tight spaces well. That and I wouldn't have a clue what to do.
It will be at least next weekend before we work on the hall again. It is just too hard to do projects in the evenings. We have too many regular jobs to do. Today I am doing laundry. Tomorrow is Cub Scouts, and Wednesday is church. Thursday is our day to recover. Hopefully we can at least get a layer of joint compound on the wall next weekend. We will see. It's good to not have a deadline.

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