Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain, again

Apparently, Winter is the wet season in Mississippi. I hope the rain stops soon. If the water gets much deeper on our drive, we may not be able to leave. At work today, they made an announcement over the intercom that the parking lot was beginning to flood. I had to wade through about 5 inches of water to get to my car. Lots of fun. I am sort of hoping they will cancel cub scouts tonight because of the weather. I don't want to get out in it if I can help it.
The pictures above show how much fun we are having. Luckily, our house sits up from the road so it isn't likely to flood, but the water going over the drive could get deeper. The water on the pool tarp is almost level with the deck. I have given up trying to pump it off for now. It is supposed to continue raining this evening, but we should get a break tomorrow. I am ready to see some blue skies.

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