Monday, August 18, 2008

Another week begins

Another week has begun and we are making progress. This morning I primed two walls in the office/living room. I would have done more, but I ran out of primer. John said he would pick some up when he goes to the store today. He needs to pick up some other things for the project anyway, so I didn't see the need to make a special trip just for more primer. Since I ran out of primer, that means I can work on all the regular things that have to be done, like laundry and various other mundane household tasks. I should probably vaccuum the pool, but that may not happen. We swam for a bit on Saturday, but the water was down right cool. It rained some the end of last week and the high temperatures here have only been in the eighties the last few days. It should get back up around ninety by the end of the week, so hopefully the pool will warm back up.

My dear boys started their second full week of school this week. That first week just seemed to fly by. Joshua has been accepted into the gifted program. They call it Ventures. He gets to go to a special class for several hours two days a week. I think it will be really good for him. His teacher told me last week that he is really smart and that his answers in class just blow her away. Jacob is loving school and making lots of friends. His teacher told me he is sweet and he has a vivid imagination. I think they are adjusting well to being in a new school.

The picture above is from yesterday. The man we bought our house from gave John some hickory wood for his smoker. It was cut but needed split. John split the wood and the boys stacked it for him. Jacob told me that it was Sunday and we shouldn't be doing work, because the Lord says we should rest on the Sabbath. I told him he has to mind his parents and that it is OK to do a good work on the Sabbath. Helping his daddy is a good work. The wood to the left of the tree is what they were stacking yesterday. The wood to the right of the tree is red oak from a tree that John cut down behind our house. I never imagined we would live somewhere like this, but it is so much fun being "country folk".

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