Friday, August 29, 2008

Date Night

John and I get to have a date night tomorrow. It has been a while since that has happened. The kids are going on a journey with Moses tomorrow night at church. They are pretty excited. The last kids night at church was in March and John and I stayed and helped with it. This time they already have enough volunteers so we get two precious hours alone. We will most likely get a quick dinner and then wander aimlessly through a furniture store. We do lead an exciting life. Sometime between now and tomorrow night I have to finish the kids herds. On their journey one of them has to keep up with sheep and the other with goats. The children's director had started making them and she gave me a book with directions on how to finish them. It will be easy, I just have to sit still and get it done.
The above picture is from the last kids night. Sorry it is blurry. Joshua has just put the egg in Mrs. Rosa's hands and they are raising back around the circle. I love the way Jacob is cheering his brother on. Those are the happy mommy moments when they are being a team and not irritating one another. We do love our church and Rosa is a wonderful children's director. She encourages me often. It is wonderful to know that our kids are growing up in such a great church family.

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