Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Kids Camera

Not long after we moved we gave the kids our old digital camera. They are having a blast with it. The only problem is they are constantly wanting to download their pictures to the computer. Anyway, I wanted to include a few of their pictures.

The first picture is The Mario Brothers made out of legos. Even at 6 and 8 they still love to play with legos. Joshua is the artist behind this creation.

The next picture is of Oscar. There are LOTS of pictures of Oscar on the kids camera. You can tell he is pretty excited about having his picture taken again.

I am not sure what they were trying to take a picture of here. Since Joshua is in the picture, I can assume that Jacob took this one. For the most part Joshua is our picture taker, but on occasion Jacob finds the camera idle and gets to use it.

Some of their favorite picture subjects are bugs and lizards. The beetle above was pretty cool looking. He was just hanging out in our driveway.

This lizard was at the base of the house just outside the kitchen window. I really need to get the extra bricks out of the planter box.

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