Sunday, August 17, 2008

No more paneling

John is busy tonight working on the living room/office. We aren't sure what the room will eventually be, but for now it is serving as the office. When we moved in it had dark paneling and parquet wood floors. John pulled out all the paneling this past week, patched the holes, replaced the Sheetrock in a few places and got everything sanded and ready for texture. Tonight he is applying the texture and hopefully I will get the primer on it tomorrow. Getting the paneling down made a huge difference in the room. It is already so much brighter. The floors are remaining as they are for now. We are waiting until we are done with the walls in all the rooms so we can do all the floors at once. While pulling down paneling, we had to remove the shelving units from either side of the fire place. In so doing we discovered that the room has not always had a tray ceiling. At one time the room had a vaulted ceiling. It is pretty fun to discover the secrets of the house. Luckily we like the tray ceiling, so we are not going to try to restore it to its original state.

The picture above was taken during the demolition stage. I so wish we had taken a picture before we started since there is such a contrast between the paneling and the Sheetrock walls. I will post pictures of the progress being made shortly. We are hoping to have this room done by the end of the week.

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