Thursday, August 28, 2008

Its a Crazy World

I decided that I should join the fun and made a quick trip to Walmart. The gas lines weren't too bad, I was only three cars back when I pulled in. Gas was $3.29 on my way into town and $3.46 as I was coming home. The consequences of an economy based more on fear than reality? Of course, I waited until I was coming home to fill up. That wasn't smart. The truck in front of me had to fill the generator and both gas cans in the back of the truck. John called me from Sam's this morning to let me know they had generators in stock. Luckily, he decided that $1,000 was a little much and we could probably survive without one. He is a smart man. While in town I exchanged the propane tank and filled the extra gas can. I probably looked odd wearing a skirt and hoisting a gas can, but oh well. I also decided I should at least act like I'm preparing for a storm so I picked up a few cans of soup, a jar a peanut butter, and some crackers.
It felt good to come back home and get away from the craziness. I can just feel myself relax as I turn down our road. Our neighborhood is so pretty. Our house is at the end of this road. I just love trees.
Now for a kid picture. Jacob caught a baby lizard yesterday. Actually, he catches lizards on a daily basis, but I got a picture of the one he caught yesterday. Did I mention I love being in the country?

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