Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Saturday, We must have Fire

We enjoyed a relaxing day today. John tried to burn the big pile of brush behind the house, but it was too wet. He had to settle for burning a small pile in the front yard.
The boys had fun shooting their bb guns and just playing and being boys.

Joshua recently decided he needs to be healthier. He has been running everyday. Once he gets something in his mind that he wants to do, he is pretty determined. We are going on about 4 days now. He runs 4 laps down the drive and around the cul de sac at a time. He really seems to be enjoying it. Jacob tries to run with him on occasion, but he said it makes him too tired. He would rather just swing.

Here is a picture of the study so far. We still need floors, a new mantel, and to get the fireplace uncovered and serviced. I also need to get a curtain made, and then we will start looking for furniture. We are thinking a larger nice desk to the left of the fireplace, and a sitting area in the other corner of the room. We are not rushing all that. We want to take our time and find exactly what we want. Once we decide exactly what we want that will become an easier task.
The boys enjoyed their journey to the promised land at church tonight. John and I enjoyed some time without our conversation being interrupted. All in all it was an ideal Saturday.

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