Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy Day

It has been a very busy day. John spent several hours mowing, and he still has to weed eat and edge tomorrow. We made a trip to Lowes, a trip to Home Depot, and a trip to Wal-Mart. We replaced a ceiling fan in the dining room, moved the fan from the master to Jacob's room and put a new fan in the master. We put a new light fixture in the entry. We got furniture back in the office for now. The room is still not done, but it is close. We had to get to a stopping place for a few days. John's parents will be here tomorrow. The kids are so excited. Everyday this week they have asked how long until Meemaw and Peepaw get here. I am hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow. I know the kids want to show off their swimming skills.

We still have many things to get done. John is planning to smoke a brisket and some beef ribs for dinner tomorrow night. That means he will be up around 2 starting the smoker. I don't think I am going to get up for that. He will have to be up for at least a few hours until the temperature stabilizes and he is sure things are going well. He said he is going to do some touch up painting outside and work on the wiring for the entertainment system in the family room. I am going to sleep.

Tonight at Wal-Mart we ran into a guy we went to church with in Ohio. I had heard through a mutual friend that he had accepted a job here and would be moving. It is amazing how small the world can seem sometimes. Both our families lived in Grove City, OH and now we both live in Florence, MS. He works at a bible college here in Florence. It was nice to visit for a minute and I am sure we will see him and his family again.

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