Thursday, August 28, 2008


My mother-in-law informed me this past weekend that she had tried to leave a comment, but realized that you had to have an account to do so. I changed the settings, so now you can leave a comment without an account. Just wanted to let you know.


jessica mohr said...

aahhh. now i can leave a comment!!! i love love love getting to know what you and your family are doing these days! the pictures are great! glad you guys like it there. mom and dad said your place was GREAT! we all miss you guys. hope the coming storm misses you!!

House of Oscar said...

Hey Jess, I'm glad to know you found us. How is my sweet neice liking Kindergarten? Give the kids a hug from us.

jessica mohr said...

hey! jaela loves it. she loves walking to school, and has a lot of new friends. jonah and joelle are fine without her. i thought it would be hard when jaela went to school for the other two, but they play so well together! we have been catching lizards every night here. jaela keeps saying that joshua and jacob would love them. she misses them!