Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can we say Chaos

Let the panic begin. In case you haven't heard, Gustav might become a hurricane and hit the gulf coast. John called me yesterday to say that several people at work were buying generators. Apparently, when Katrina hit they were without power for more than a week in parts of the Jackson metro area. So we dutifully head to the store last night to prepare a disaster kit. We stocked up on water and Sam Adams Light just to be safe. They were sold out of generators, oil lamps, and gas cans. The lines at the gas stations were horrendous. I need to go fill my truck up this morning. John left about 20 minutes earlier than usual this morning so he could fill his car up on the way to work. It is crazy here. You would think the world was coming to an end. We are a good 3 hours in from the coast, and hotels in Jackson are filling quickly with people evacuating the coastal areas.

I guess I will venture to the store this morning. I need to exchange our extra propane tank so we will at least be able to use the grill if the power fails. We have plenty of wood for the smoker. I should probably pick up extra batteries for the flashlights and radios. Maybe I will even pick up some canned goods.

I should probably be a bit more concerned, but right now I am just amazed at the frenzy of activity. John said they are shipping water like crazy at work. The military is one of their larger clients and apparently they are stocking up. I guess it only makes sense to be prepared, but some of it seems a bit excessive to me. But then again, I lived in North Texas during Katrina. The biggest effect I saw was that gas prices jumped hourly.

I guess I will keep you posted as long as we have power and cable. We live in one of those progressive areas that hasn't been introduced to DSL. Cable modem or dial up are our only options. Having had DSL for many years I couldn't revert to dial up, so we now have a cable modem. Here's hoping it all goes well.

Now for updates on those sweet kids of mine. This morning when I was combing Joshua's hair he told me that he knew how to stop a hurricane. I said really, how? He said we should just pray. I certainly can't argue with him on that one. I am praying that it will not be as bad as predicted. Yesterday morning Jacob was going to get the paper from the end of the drive. It was still dark out and he didn't get far before he got scared and ran back in the house. Joshua volunteered to go and then Jacob said he would go with him. He told me that he didn't have to be scared because the Lord would protect him. I am sure having his brother helped his confidence a little as well. They are so fun. The picture above is old, but I like it. Can you tell they have a fondness for the Mario Brothers.

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