Sunday, August 31, 2008

Joshua's adventures in mowing

When we became parents, we established our roles early on. John is more the fun parent, and I am more the rule maker and enforcer. I also tend to worry and am not always good at letting the kids do things that I see as dangerous and they see as exciting and fun.

Yesterday, as I was trying to organize the study, I looked outside and saw John letting Joshua drive the mower. I did good. I didn't freak out at all.

It was kind of funny. Joshua's not quite big enough to master the mower. He wasn't sitting back far enough, so John was having to hold the seat down to keep the mower from dying.

He finally got it down. Luckily, he is my more cautious child, so he didn't even try to go very fast. He did have a lot of fun. And to be fair, John didn't have the mower blades engaged, so it probably wasn't even too dangerous.


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House of Oscar said...

Hey Mom. This is a much easier way to send you pictures of those rotten grandkids. I'm glad you are enjoying them.

Jarhead said...

One of the things that gave me solace when we found out Mrs. Jarhead was having twins (to add to the son we already had) was that someday down the road I would have my own private lawn crew to take care of things while I sat in the shade sipping mojitos.

Someday, that day will come...

House of Oscar said...

We will be sipping Margaritas. Here's to the joys of parenting.