Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Forty Year Journey

These are pictures from the kids journey with Moses last night. They set out from Egypt and journeyed on to the promised land. Jacob told me this morning that they didn't really get to go through the wilderness. Our church doesn't have many trees around it, so most of their wandering was in the pasture behind the church.

These are some of the volunteers that helped on the Journey. Tori was Miriam. Tori sometimes babysits for us, and my boys think she is pretty awesome. Next is Moses played by Marshall Stokes. Marshall is our pastor. Next is Joshua played by Caleb and Aaron played by Stan. Stan is Caleb's dad. I am almost certain Caleb is a senior this year. He is the youngest of Stan and Michelle's four kids, so they are about to face an empty nest.

This is the red sea. They were able to part it to go through on dry land. Its a good thing Moses had his friends near to help him out. The man playing Hur is Dr. Lee Cockrill. He is our children's directors father-in-law. He was a pastor for many years and is now retired. He and his wife were married over 60 years. She passed away late last year. Dr. Lee is one of the kindest people I know. He and I were the greeters at church this morning. He always has a smile and is just such a pleasure to be around.
Joshua told me this morning, that he did not really worship the golden calf, because he knows we don't worship anyone but the Lord. They had a great time and really enjoyed the promised land where they had milk and honey. Mrs. Rosa had rolls with honey, and they got to make their own homemade ice cream.
John and I made it back in time to go to the promised land. My ice cream maker was messy and very cold. It was fun though and the individual baggies of homemade ice cream turned out pretty good.
Joshua was also pretty excited because they got to taste quail on the journey. He said it was delicious and he wants me to make it sometime. John asked if I would make it if they shot some, I said "No way, I don't even buy whole chickens." It grosses me out.

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