Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Picture for Grandma

Aren't they cute. I thought I should post a picture for the grandparents since my Mom called last night to say how much she was enjoying the blog. She says it makes her feel like we aren't so far away. It's only about an eight hour drive to visit, hope to see you soon.
They both need haircuts. Maybe we will do that this week. They are both still getting up pretty easily in the mornings. This morning I saw them pushing each other before they got on the bus. I just hope they got it out of their systems before the bus driver had to deal with them. They can be so sweet to each other and then turn around and just be mean. I guess that is the nature of siblings.
I am trying to get motivated so that I can get some things accomplished today. I have to psych myself up to clean the family room. The room is huge and it takes forever to mop the floor. Mainly the floor needs a good waxing and buffing. John said he is going to get an estimate and get it scheduled. Once we get it waxed I am hoping it will actually look clean after I mop. Right now it just annoys me because I can never seem to make it look like I want it too. Someday we will take out the linoleum and put down ceramic, but since the room is around 1000 square feet, it isn't going to happen for a while.
Another item on our to do list is to get the squirrels out of the attic and find a way to keep them out. John thinks he knows where they are getting in. I can hear them running around up there right now. They are loud.
Hopefully, by this weekend we will have most of the study done. We decided study sounds better than office/living room. John hopes to have all the shelves back up by tomorrow night. The current plan is to buy furniture for Christmas this year. We are wanting to get a nice desk and some chairs to complete the study. We hope to get the floors done around November. We are having to space out the projects so that we can pay for them all.
I need to go get busy cleaning. In addition to the family room, I need to get the ironing done. I keep saying I am going to take all John's clothes to the cleaners, but when I realize how much it costs I get the iron out. It would be cool if no iron shirts really didn't have to be ironed. I think Jos A Banks is lying to me.


Gator said...

Hi! I am loving your blog. The boys are getting so big. They are beautiful. (Can you say that about boys?) Yes, I think you can. They are beautifully handsome...there, that's better. You're looking pretty darn good, too. A sight for sore eyes. You are missed so much! Your house is looking awesome, but I know how handy John is at transforming a house so it's going to look like a million bucks in no time! Keep posting pics...your mom is right-it makes it seem like you aren't so far away.

I'm trying to do better at blogging here lately and hopefully I'll have more time now that Aubree is back in school. She is loving school today anyway, but the first day was not-a-good. I wondered if I was going to have to carry her in? She is too big for me to carry these days - she is growing up so fast...they all are. Seems like it was just the other day we were hanging out at each others' house with our kids, going to the mall, taking the kids to Dos Chilis...ah, the memories. My, where does the time go and why does it have to go so fast?

Well, I need to get off here - I've got a ton of work to do on the computer today...just thought I would check in on your blog and see what's going on in your corner of the world and just couldn't resist the opportunity to comment on those beautiful boys with the sweetest of smiles. I miss you all very much...wish you were just down the road like the old days, but I am very happy you are blogging. I'm thrilled for you, John and the boys...looks like you've found a great place to call home.

House of Oscar said...

I miss you too. I can't believe how big Aubree is either. She is a beautiful girl. Of course, she always has been. I was looking through pictures the other day and found the ones of her and Joshua using the potty together and getting a bath in the sink. Those days of being home with babies seem so distant. I wish we weren't so far apart, but I know we are where we are supposed to be. I do love to read your blog. It is a great way to stay connected since we are no longer just a few steps away. Tell Robert we said Hello.