Monday, September 1, 2008

Just a little Rain

So far all we are seeing of Gustav is rain. It is really hard to take a good picture of rain. Anyway, the first picture shows the rain rolling off the patio roof. The second picture is of the pool. The water is churning a little because of the rain.
Luckily, I don't have anywhere I need to go today, so we are staying put. John is at work, but the kids are home. They are getting a bit stir crazy. I may have to let them go play in the rain just to get some energy out. I need to just record myself saying, "Stop running in the house." They have already had their TV and video game time today, so now they are making up fun games to play. Most of their games involve some form of battle, so I am sure I will hear the real fight break out soon.
Since I posted the pictures of his brother on the mower, I should probably post a picture of Jacob. I know I have mentioned before that he loves the swing in the front tree. He really likes to go high. It makes me paranoid, because the swing doesn't always go straight and I am so afraid he is going to slam into the tree. I don't push him very high, but John pushes him really high. In this picture, I had just pushed him, so he isn't getting to be too dangerous.

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