Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dental Education

Joshua pulled a tooth last night. I had no idea that he still had teeth to loose. It has been way too many years since I was a kid, I don't remember all these things. I thought once he lost the eight in the front we were done with that chapter of childhood. I was wrong.

He lost the first molar on his right side. He was eating an apple yesterday and told me that it nearly made his tooth fall out. I told him to quit wiggling it because molars are permanent teeth and they don't fall out. When he was brushing his teeth last night it was nearly out. John told me he thought it looked dead and asked if I was sure he wasn't supposed to loose it. I had no idea, so I said we would just make a trip to the dentist today. The kids both went to the dentist a few weeks ago. It seems like they would have given me a heads up that he was about to start loosing more teeth. They just told me that we would be needing an orthodontist soon.

My clever husband looked up the info on the American Dental Associations web sight. I now know that my kids both have many more teeth to shed. Apparently, they will each loose 20 baby teeth before they are done. Here I was thinking Joshua was done with this and Jacob only had 2 more to loose. I am glad John didn't let me take him to the dentist. I probably would have felt a bit silly when they told me it was just a baby tooth and they didn't need to try to save it.


Anonymous said...

Tell Joshua grandma said he is a handsome boy.(even without teeth).
Love Mom

House of Oscar said...

I told him and he grinned extra big. They do enjoy being the stars of the blog.