Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Socks

We got a kitten yesterday. It wasn't planned, it just happened. When we moved, Jacob started asking for a kitten. We said, maybe for Christmas after we have had time to get settled. Anyway, my friend Kim called on Saturday to ask if we wanted a kitten that she had been given by one of her students. It was a stray the student found but couldn't keep. Kim said she took it but then came to her senses and realized that she travels too much to have a kitten to take care of. So here we are.

When I asked Jacob what he was going to name her, he said he doesn't know any cat names. Then he said Grandma's cat is named Socks, so I think we should name her Socks. We are all about originality. Jacob has also said that he is going to take care of the litter box. Just a few minutes ago he told me not to go into the laundry room because the cat was going potty and it stinks bad. We will see how long his taking care of the litter box lasts.

The dog is adjusting to having a cat around. He has gotten his nose scratched a time or two, but they are getting better. The cat actually sniffed Oscar today, but when Oscar tried to sniff her back she swatted at him. They are entertaining.

As you can see from the picture, the cat is getting up on top of everything. She keeps running across the keyboard while I am trying to type. She slept with John and I last night. So far she doesn't seem to like the kids much. I am sure once she is used to them it will be better. They can be a little intimidating.


Grandma said...

Socks is precious. She even sorta looks like our socks. But ours is a boy cat.
Socks keeps Spud in line too. Its amazing how the "stickers in their toes" makes Dogs give the cat a wide berth.
Love you all.
Grandma and Papa Sly

Roger said...

OK, it's catch-up time.

Could you throw me an email?