Saturday, September 27, 2008

The things kids say

I forgot to relay some additional dinner conversation last night. Joshua said he invited Veronica, a girl in his class, to come over for a visit. First he asked her if she ate red meat. When she said she did, He said she should come over sometime and they could throw a brisket on the smoker. She said she usually eats deer meat, but she could eat brisket. He also told her that she could come swim in our pool that is ten feet deep. She said hers is only six feet deep, so he said she should come swim at our house so they could go deeper. Third grade romances are entertaining.
I guess he is making progress on his flirting skills. We have come along way from his preschool days where he mooned a girl in his class. Now that was a fun meeting with the preschool director.

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