Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Pack Meeting

Tonight we had the boys first cub scouts pack meeting. They meet at a church about five minutes from our house. Next week, they will meet in their individual dens. John or I will have to stay with Jacob since he is in first grade, but Joshua can go on his own. This is our first experience with scouting, so I am hoping that the boys like it. Tonight when they opened the floor up for questions, Jacob's hand shot up. Before I could contain him they called on him. He asked if he would get to shoot a bow and arrow in the scouts. They told him not yet, but when he is older. I never knew he wanted to shoot a bow and arrow. They had a little skit tonight and Jacob and I got picked to be in it. We were being a table.

My friend Sharese called today and we got to visit for quite a while. I miss her so much. We tossed around the idea of getting together during the kids Christmas break. Since they are in Ohio and we are in Mississippi, we can just meet somewhere in the Carolinas. She has been checking rates on beach houses since it is the off season. The ocean is still pretty even if it is too cold to play in. We have to figure something out. She said we could just go to the Bahamas but we don't think we can get as good a deal. There are five in their family and four in ours, so splitting a house is probably the more frugal choice. Even if we don't get together at Christmas, we will find a way to visit before too long. Her baby Cora will be turning one in January and I have only seen her in pictures. It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since we moved away. Leaving good friends is the hardest part of this nomadic journey we have been on. Hopefully, we are done moving. Although, Mississippi is not where I would have chosen to put down roots, it has been a blessing.

That is about all our excitement for today. I am waiting for the dishwasher to get done so I can get the coffee pot ready for in the morning. I love the automatic timer on the coffee pot. It is nice to stumble into the kitchen in the morning to find the coffee ready and waiting. It is very disappointing when I forget to set it the night before.

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