Monday, September 22, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

It seems like the weekend went by way too fast. Monday is my day to work early so I was up, ready, and out the door by a little after five this morning. Luckily, I was leaving work by 11:30 so it wasn't too bad. The house is still in decent shape since we cleaned pretty good Saturday. I came home and changed the kids sheets. Then I washed their bedding, and swept most of the floors. I even mopped the family room. Now I am just taking a little break before starting dinner.

The boys both seem tired this evening. I think they will probably go to bed early tonight. They will be up late tomorrow for cub scouts, then the rest of the week is free.

We don't have much exciting to report today. I thought I would post pictures of the boys doing their kitty litter chore. They have different techniques. They are getting better at keeping it done. We have established a routine. They trade off doing it each night. Whoever takes a shower second, scoops the litter while the other one takes the first shower. So far, so good.


Daniella said...

sounds like a weekend full of fun!

House of Oscar said...

It sounds like you and Brandi had a great weekend as well. I didn't tell you last weekend, so Happy Late Birthday.