Friday, September 19, 2008

Let the Weekend Begin

Sunday is John's birthday, so this entire weekend is devoted to celebrating. In yesterday's mail John received a generous birthday/housewarming gift from his parents. Thank you Chris and Judy. It was a Lowe's gift card and we proceeded to spend it tonight. We got new blinds for the dining area and an outdoor ceiling fan to put in the large gazebo by the pool. John put the blinds up tonight and he will get the fan up early in the day tomorrow. We are having a birthday/end of summer party tomorrow night. John is cooking brisket and sausage on the smoker. My fridge is packed at the moment. John brought home six briskets and 20 pounds of sausage today. In addition, his friend Derrick sent plates, napkins, and plastic ware home with him. Our friends are all bringing side dishes and desserts. John shares a birthday with Derrick, so it is a party for both of them.

John even ordered the boys tuxedo t-shirts for the event. It is a formal affair. He added the lettering to the back.

I will post pictures of the fun event tomorrow night. John will be up around 2 to get the smoker started. We will spend most of the day tomorrow making the house presentable for company. Since I started working two weeks ago, I haven't been keeping house like I normally would. Anyway, things are going well at work. It is odd to get up and go to a job every day after being a stay at home mom for eight years, but it is good. The company I am working for is great. The job is interesting, pays well, and fits my schedule. I am working part time and have some flexibility with when I work. The kids really don't see much difference because I am home before they get off the bus every day. All in all it is exactly what I was looking for. God is good.

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