Thursday, September 11, 2008

Socks takes over

We are not having a very exciting week, but it seems like I have had way too much to do. The boys both brought home their first progress reports this week. They are both doing really well at school.
We are adjusting to having the cat. I have to take her to the vet tomorrow for her first visit. John bought a carrier on his way home to hopefully make the trip easier. She is getting accustomed to the dog and doesn't bow up so bad every time she sees him.
The cat really likes John. It is sort of funny since he really isn't a cat person.
This is one of the projects we had to do this week. We put the chain lock on the laundry room door to keep the dog out. The cats food is in the laundry room and the dog kept sneaking in and eating it. This way the cat can get in, but the dog can't. It is a bit inconvenient since my pantry is in the laundry room, but it isn't too bad.

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jessica mohr said...

oh my goodness!! that picture of john with that cat cracks me up! i thought he was allergic... i am up at 4 am watching the weather, looks like ike will be hitting us directly, and has gotten stronger. lots of fun!