Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday without fire

I didn't think it was possible, but we are going to have a Saturday that doesn't involve keeping an eye on the bonfire. Right now I am sitting in the study surrounded by all the furniture from the family room. There are men here cleaning and waxing the floor in the family room. We decided that it would be a while before we replace the floors in that room, so it made sense to have the linoleum waxed to make it easier to clean. So far they only have one coat of wax on and it already looks a lot better. They are going to do three coats of wax. They told me it will have a shine I can't mop off when they are done.

John is staying busy replacing flood lights outside. He is also going to replace the light in the kids bathroom. It doesn't always come on when you flip the switch. It is a bit annoying to have to keep flipping the switch to get the light to come on.

I am going to catch up on all the ironing today. I had intentions to do it everyday this past week, but it hasn't happened. I have to get it done today so John will have clothes for work on Monday.

In cat news, Socks had her first vet visit yesterday. He gave her an approximate birthday of July 11. She got her first round of shots and treatment for worms. She has another visit on October 3 for the rest of her shots. I really liked the vet. He was very patient. He let both the boys listen to the cats heartbeat and he showed them a hookworm egg under the microscope. They thought is was cool.

In Hurricane news, John's sister, Jessica, sent a text this morning to say they were OK. He just talked to her a few minutes ago, and their power is still on. It has gone off a few times, but it hasn't stayed off very long. So far they aren't seeing any flooding. She and her family live in the Houston area. I think it is Sugarland, but don't hold me to that. They just moved within the last couple of months.

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