Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun in the Rain

I had hoped the sun would stick around today, but it didn't. The kids haven't been in the pool in weeks, so they swam for a while this afternoon. It didn't matter that it was overcast and sporadically raining. I think the water was a bit cool, because they didn't swim more than thirty minutes.
While the kids swam, John ran the wires for the TV through the wall to hide them. It looks nice all finished.

We got a new laptop this week and I am still trying to get used to it. That is part of the reason my blogging has slowed. Every time I load pictures it tells me I have to connect to the broadband network even though the little icon on the toolbar says I am connected. It is annoying so I need to figure out why it is being so wonky.
We spent part of the afternoon today looking at tile. The one that I thought was right, wasn't. Luckily, we had the tile store get us a sample tile before we ordered so we didn't order a huge quantity of the wrong tile. We did however locate the right tile yesterday. It is porcelain, not ceramic. So now I present to you Dal-tile Mendocino Golden Brown Porcelain tile in 18x18. I am glad we found it so we don't have to rip out the tile in the kitchen.

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