Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

This has been a long week. I think the fact that it rained so much made the days seem to drag by. It was exciting to see the sun yesterday, and I think it may stick around for the weekend. We are supposed to get back up into the low nineties this weekend. Luckily my boys found something quiet to entertain themselves for a few minutes on the rainy days.

I am sure we will spend the weekend cleaning up. John and Joshua filled the wheelbarrow last night, but they didn't work long. It is still pretty muddy in a large part of the yard. Jacob isn't much for working. He tends to get distracted playing. He carried one limb to the burn pile last night, and then decided that was enough work for one day. Playing on the rope swing is much more fun. I think we are all glad it is Friday. The boys were all in good spirits this morning. John is of course wearing his Hawaiian shirt for "Hawaiian Shirt Friday". That makes more sense if you have seen the movie "Office Space". He worked late last night and it sounds like he may work late again tonight. All those restaurants and schools along the coast that were closed early in the week are starting to reopen and need deliveries. Hopefully, he won't work too late. We have a friend coming over for dinner and I am not much of a grill master. I can make the side dishes, but I leave the steaks to the pro.
In home improvement news, I have to go by the floor store today to pick up a tile sample. I went by yesterday to see if they could order a sample for me and she called last night to say she found one there. We are trying to match what is already in the kitchen. I am hoping we have found it. After a while, all brown tile starts to look the same.

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