Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Weekend Ends

It is not Christmas at our house until John has gotten on the roof.
I am not ready for tomorrow to be Monday. This has been a productive weekend, but I forgot to plan in time to rest. Yesterday afternoon, we got the Christmas lights up. I think the house is still missing something. We may need to add some wreaths or something.

Last night we attended my work Christmas party. It was nice to have a night out without kids. The party itself was pretty boring, but at least John got to meet the people I work with.
Today John and the boys cleared all the leaves from the deck and driveway. It looks really nice. Hopefully, since most of the leaves have already fallen, it will stay clear for a day or two. While they had fun clearing leaves I ironed clothes. I spend way too much time ironing.Once the leaves where piled up the boys had fun playing. John also put the seats back in the truck today. That should make it easier for him to drive to work tomorrow.
This morning at church our Sunday school class decided we should have a Christmas party. It was brought up between class and church. We fit in well with our class. No need to plan ahead. Anyway an emergency meeting was called for after church to pick a date and make the initial plans. The meeting had more people than we had in class. It was kind of funny. Anyway, our party will be in two weeks. It should be fun. I have to spend this week finalizing all the plans.
John and the boys are taking some time to play Wii sports right now. They are golfing at the moment. I need to get busy making dinner. I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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