Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Fire Returns

I know you have missed it as much as we have. Today the fire returned. Since we were pretty much confined to home due to the meat in the smoker, John decided it was a good day to burn stuff.
While the fire burned, the boys had fun playing with a BB gun. I should have been inside cleaning but it was too pretty to be inside. I pulled up a chair by the fire and just marvelled at the world around me.
I am amazed by how much things change in such a short time. When we moved into this house in June the trees were full and it was hard to see the sky through them.As the leaves changed colors we experienced a completely different beauty. Now the trees are so bare. It looks like a completely different place. It is still beautiful, but it is just a different beauty. It will be fun to experience Spring as the yard puts on a new outfit.

It has been a wonderful day so far. I loved being able to just sit still and take in the Lord's handy work. I think we should all take more time to just tilt our heads back and breath it all in.

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