Thursday, December 11, 2008


This morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, John told me to be careful on our driveway. I asked if it was icy and he said no, just under a couple inches of water. The water is still rising. The drainage ditch that runs under our drive is full and so the water is running over the drive. To add to the fun it started snowing around 8 this morning.

John called me at work around 10:30 to ask if I was leaving work early. Jacob's teacher had called him to ask if Jacob should ride the bus since the school would close at 11:30. Life would have been easier had they just cancelled school today. I hate it when they close the schools early. Anyway, it took me about 40 minutes to get home. That isn't too bad since it usually takes about 20 minutes. The roads were passable, but very slick in places. I saw several wrecks. I hate driving on slick roads. I was so relieved when I pulled into my drive, and even more relieved when the kids bus arrived safely. The kids are playing Wii sports and I am trying to make the most of being home bound. The kids are begging to go out and play in the mess.
At least, the trees look pretty against the wintry backdrop.

In non weather news, Jacob pulled a tooth on Tuesday night. He didn't even need any help. I didn't know he was working on pulling it until he ran into the kitchen with it in his hand. He was pretty proud that he pulled it on his own, and it didn't even hurt.

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