Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Break

Yeah, Christmas break is finally here. I think I am more excited than the boys. I am so ready for Christmas. John called this afternoon to let me know he finished our Christmas shopping. That means we will have a couple more gifts to wrap tonight. It is a good feeling to be done with the shopping. Now we can breath easy and just look forward to Christmas morning.
This weekend will be busy, but I expect things to be less hectic next week. I am going to go to work for a little while in the morning. Since I took all day Thursday off and left early today, I have some things to catch up on. Once I get home I will try to get most of the floors mopped so that I won't have as much to do Sunday. Our Christmas party for our Sunday school class is Sunday night. I am looking forward to time with friends. We will spend Sunday afternoon setting up tables and chairs and getting the family room ready for the event. We will also need to redecorate the tree before then. The cat has done a great job of knocking most of the ornaments off of it.

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